N4 NorthPop

We are well underway building a large, prospective, population based cohort in northern Sweden: the NorthPop child cohort. The overall aim of NorthPop is to identify preventable risk factors for common childhood disorders. We will recruit
10 000 pregnant women in Västerbotten County and follow the families and children from pregnancy until school age. An extensive range of data and biological material is collected from the study participants (child and parents). The NorthPop database and biobank will be a very valuable resource for research for decades to come.
Some ongoing projects are listed here:

NorthPop Projects

  • Can epigenetic modifications be used as markers of chemical exposures, dietary lifestyle, socioeconomic factors and early childhood health?
  • Digital media, social support and well-being among parents
  • Effects of nutrition and other early environmental factors on brain development and cognitive/ behavioural problems in children
  • Executive function in 3-year-olds as assessed by a smartphone app
  • Language development in Swedish children
  • Oral microbiota in health and disease
  • Physical activity during pregnancy
  • Prevention of celiac disease
  • Programming of the microbiota and allergic diseases

The N4 NorthPop Team

Researchers (core group)
  • Magnus Domellöf
  • Christina West
  • Pernilla Lif Holgersson
  • Olof Sandström
  • Inger Öhlund
  • Anna Chmielewska
  • Sven-Arne Silfverdal
  • Ingrid Mogren
  • Jonas Sandlund
  • Katharina Wulff
  • Sophia Harlid
  • Elisabeth Stoltz Sjöström

  • Richard Lundberg, Project Coordinator and Data Manager
  • Carina Lagerqvist, BMA
  • Ida Davidsson, Project Assistant
  • Anita Stenudd, Project Assistant
  • Maria Olsson, Project Administrator
  • Ingela Augustsson, Study Staff
  • Elene Olsson, Study Staff
  • Bodil Löfgren, Study Staff
  • Tove Elveros, Study Staff
  • Suad Zamil, Study Staff
  • Carina Forslund, Research Nurse
  • Gunilla Strinnholm, Research Nurse
  • Marie Lindvall, Research Nurse
  • Mona Svensson, Laboratory Technician
  • Kotryna Simonyte, Senior Research Assistant
  • Jonas Österlund, PhD Student

Affiliated Researchers
  • Patrik Andersson
  • Erik Domellöf
  • Helena Lindgren
  • Maria Rosenberg
  • Patrik Rydén
  • Catharina Eriksson
  • Anna Baratowska-Rataj
  • … and many more