Preterm research workshop 18 Nov 2022

The N4 research group met for a workshop focusing on research relating to preterm infants, at a conference venue in Umeå on Friday 18 November 2022.

The group consisted of pediatricians/neonatologists, PhD students, dietitians, a psychologist, a speech and language therapist, a senior research assistant and research nurses. The multidisciplinary approach provided for different inputs into the discussions.

Participants at the workshop were: Magnus Domellöf, Elisabeth Stolz Sjöström, Stina Alm, Pontus Challis, Sara Olivecrona, Cornelia Späth, Marie Lindvall, Gunilla Strinnholm, Isabel Neyra Marklund, Annika Nyholm, Malin Bergman-Papworth, Jenny Norlander and Andreas Tornevi.

Malin and Jenny presented the INSPIRE pilot study, which will start in January 2023.
Stina presented preliminary data from the SNUS study and the planned preterm catch-up growth study.
Sara presented preliminary data from the Neurofilament Light project and plans for the upcoming NFL asphyxia study and the neurodevelopmental part of the GRANDIOSA trial.
Pontus presented preliminary data from the EXPRESS NEC project as well as plans for other studies.
Magnus presented the upcoming DROPROP and Enteral Insulin studies.  
The afternoon was spent doing practical work on the different projects – planning, statistics, and writing.

“The workshop was very inspiring and it was the largest number of participants ever” said Magnus Domellöf who hosted the workshop.
This workshop on preterm research topics has been an annual tradition for 4 years and will be held again in 2023.