Research workshop (iron, diet and lifestyle) 25 March 2024

A research workshop with focus on iron, diet and lifestyle, was held at a conference venue in Umeå on Monday 25 March 2024. The previous two years this workshop has been a ‘pure’ iron workshop, but was this year broadened to also include pediatric projects on diet and lifestyle.

The group consisted of pediatricians, a nutritionist, a clinical chemist, a lab specialist and a psychologist as well as three PhD students and one PhD student currently undergoing registration. The multidisciplinary approach contributed to excellent discussions.

The PhD students all presented the latest from their current research projects during the morning, which included:

  • The SIDBI (Supplementing Iron and Development in Breastfed Infants) study – a randomized, controlled trial of iron supplementation in breastfed infants
  • Effects of a single bout of resistance training session on hormonal response in pre-pubertal and pubertal male children
  • Vegan diet in young children
  • The SUstainable and healthy eating during Pregnancy and EaRly childhood (SUPER) project

This was followed by discussions and group sessions after lunch.

“The workshop was very productive and gave plenty of opportunity for discussions” said Magnus Domellöf who hosted this specific workshop for the fifth time.

Participants at the workshop were (left to right):

Erik Domellöf, Petter Sande, Ania Chmielewska, Richard Lundberg-Ulfsdotter, Daniel Jansson, Cornelia Späth, Carina Lagerqvist, Magnus Domellöf, Mona Svensson, Ludwig Svensson.