NorthPop 7-year follow-up has begun!

The NorthPop study has reached another milestone with the 7-year follow-up now underway in Umeå.

Participating families are contacted around the child’s 7th birthday and asked to make an appointment at the pediatric research unit at Umeå University Hospital. During the visit to the unit the research nurses take a blood sample and a skin prick test to look for allergic reactions in the skin is performed. The study also collects a saliva sample as well as measure the child’s height, weight, blood pressure, handgrip strength and working memory.

We are excited that the oldest children in the cohort already have reached school age and this will give us very valuable data and the opportunity to evaluate exposures and health outcomes during the first 7 years of life”, said Prof Magnus Domellöf, pediatrician, and PI for the NorthPop project.

Umeå University has published a news story where you can read more: (in Swedish)

You can also read more on the NorthPop website: