Awarded grant for NorthPop

We are very happy to announce that the NorthPop research infrastructure has received a grant of 4 million SEK from the the Kempe Foundations (Kempestiftelserna) for 2024-2026.

The grant will go towards completion of the first phase of building the research infrastructure, which includes recruiting the remaining participants (expected May 2025) and that all children in the cohort complete the 18-month follow-up (expected year end 2026).

An overall aim of the NorthPop research infrastructure is to build a large, longitudinal mother-child cohort (10,000 dyads), including a large database and biobank, for the first time enabling truly interdisciplinary research on how exposures in early life influence health and development in childhood as well as adult health outcomes.

You can read more about NorthPop on

‘We are very grateful for this grant which, together with other funding, will allow us to finish the first phase of building the NorthPop research infrastructure. The database and biobank will be a gold mine for future research at Umeå University’, said Prof Magnus Domellöf, principal investigator of NorthPop.