Neonatal nutrition course

Neonatal nutrition course 6-7 September 2021, Stockholm

The Swedish Neonatal Society’s working group for nutrition and gastroenterology organised a course in neonatal nutrition in Stockholm 6-7 September.

The organising committee and participants met at Högberga Gård in Stockholm for the two-day course. Due to current covid-19 circumstances it was also possible to participate via videolink.

Covid-19 recommendations were followed at all times with social distancing, larger rooms and a maximum of 50 people permitted to attend.

The course included the principles of neonatal nutritional (parenteral and enteral), including nutritional needs, practical management as well as ways to optimise health outcomes, both in the short and longer term.

”This was the first time we could have an on-site course since the start of the pandemic – everyone thought it was an excellent opportunity for interaction and discussion!” said Magnus Domellöf, neonatologist and chair of the organising committee.

The Swedish Neonatal Society hope to continue to arrange more courses on this, and many other topics over the next years.

Magnus Domellöf (chair), Thomas Abrahamsson, Fredrik Ahlsson, Barbro Diderholm, Anders Elfvin, Josefin Lundström, Ingrid Pupp and Dirk Wackernagel

Topics during the course:

  • The importance of neonatal nutrition for later health
  • How to prescribe nutrition during the first days for a prematurely born baby (incl parenteral nutrition and breastmilk)
  • How to prescribe nutrition to the growing baby in the Neonatal department (incl enrichment, growth and the new ESPGHAN guidelines)
  • NEC (diagnostic and prophylaxis)
  • What to do with a difficult stomach, which is not NEC
  • Hyperglycemia, electrolyte disturbances
  • Hypoglycemia
  • The role of the dietitian
  • Osteopenia / rickets
  • Acute conditions and complications in neonatal bowel surgery
  • Short bowel problems and long term parenteral nutrition
  • Case discussions

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