6000 families in NorthPop!

We are pleased to announce that over 6000 families now are part of the NorthPop study! Considering the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic we are so happy and grateful that participants continue to see the value in the study and are interested in taking part. Now around 18,000 individuals (mothers, partners and children) are part of this large collaborative project between Region Västerbotten and Umeå University.

The health data collected by the NorthPop study contributes towards a stable foundation for research with the aim of finding previously unknown factors which may reduce the risk of commonly occurring illnesses in children. The study collects answers from multiple surveys as well as blood, urine, saliva, faeces and breastmilk samples.

Since August 2019 it has been possible to join NorthPop in Skellefteå which has proved very popular. Since October 2021 it is also possible to join the study in Lycksele.

The NorthPop study staff want to say a big THANK YOU to all our participants!