NorthPop starts up in Lycksele

As of today, 19 October 2021, expectant parents throughout all of Västerbotten can join NorthPop!

NorthPop started in Umeå in 2016 and three years later the study grew northwards to include Skellefteå. Starting today, expectant parents who do their routine ultrasound in Lycksele will also be invited to contribute to the research study.

“The purpose of NorthPop is to include and reflect the whole of Västerbotten County, which we are now doing by also starting up in Lycksele / Southern Lapland. This also enables us to study any possible differences between the coastal area and the Västerbotten inland”, says Richard Lundberg, study coordinator.

The NorthPop study would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participates – and warmly welcome new participants!

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