Iron research workshop 1 March 2022

Our N4 iron research group, including collaborating researchers from Lund, met for a workshop at a conference venue in Umeå on Tuesday 1 March 2022. It was the first in-person workshop for this group since before the pandemic and therefore extra appreciated.

The group consisted of pediatricians, neonatologists, a dietitian, a clinical chemist, a psychologist and a lab specialist, and the multidisciplinary approach contributed to excellent discussions.

The participants presented the latest from their current research studies into iron including randomized, controlled trials (LIME, SIDBI), lab studies (reference intervals for iron biomarkers, including a new study on Erythroferrone in infants) as well as umbilical cord clamping studies.  A new study was also presented, concerning iron status (and other health outcomes) among infants fed a vegan diet.

“The atmosphere was very friendly and supportive and discussions were very rewarding – I think everyone came home with a bunch of new ideas” said Magnus Domellöf who hosted the workshop. The plan is to build on this and hold another workshop in spring 2023.

Participants at the workshop were: Magnus Domellöf, Staffan Berglund, Ola Andersson, Marie Larsson, Anna Chmielewska, Maria Björmsjö, Fredrik Bäckström, Carina Lagerqvist, Erik Domellöf and Petter Sande.