A research visit from Vienna!

The neonatology department in Umeå has had a recent two-day research visit from staff of the Medical University in Vienna. Prof Magnus Domellöf helped put together a full programme for the four visitors; Christoph Binder (Consultant neonatologist, PhD), Alexandra Thajer (Associate professor/Senior Researcher), Theresa Kainz and Elisabeth Calek (Neo Residents, Nutrition Team).

Dr Binder gave a presentation on ‘Perinatal care and long-term management of preterm infants in Vienna’ to the teamin Umeå.

One goal for the visiting team was to learn more about how we work with targeted fortification and nutrition calculations for preterm infants.

While in Umeå the visitors met with various members of the multidisciplinary team to learn about and discuss (among other things!) targeted fortification, zero separation, our neonatal transport, various lactation support projects, the NICU milk bank as well as research projects in the field of neonatal nutrition and beyond. Several new ideas for research projects came up.

Both sides felt the visit was very rewarding with inspiring discussions and everyone is now looking forward to continued contact and research collaboration!